Thursday, May 3, 2012

Late to the (linky) party - Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Well, I'm a little late for the giveaway part, but after taking a few pictures in the yard last weekend I had to share this picture for the Furry Friends Linky Party over at Soaring Through Second

Soaring Through Second
Here is my OLD dog Lucy, with my YOUNG Daughter. Lucy was a shelter rescue and has been a great companion through the years. She has been a great sport as I have changed things on her over and over again. When she was a pup, it was just her and I. We did a lot of fun things together. Then I went and got married. That was forgivable, but now just as Lucy was looking forward to a few peaceful twilight years... We went and brought this kid into the mix. Will she ever get a moments peace? She has been SO patient and she is and always has been such a sweet and gentle dog.
Alright... I didn't want to make a whole new post (So I edited this one), but did want to say I really appreciate all the teachers out there. Especially all the new teachers I have met through the teacher blogs. SO inspirational... some of you are just killing me with all your ideas! To make a potentially long story short, I am going to be participating in the Teachers Pay Teachers, Teacher Appreciation Sale by offering 20% off of my store. Stacking with the 10% off code: TAD12 (See the ad below)
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