Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back after a long break... with Henry and Mudge

I am glad to be returning to blog world after taking a little time off.

I have been enjoying my 2 year old daughter at home so much, I just can't allow myself to spend too much time running around the blogs.

I am going to be working on devoting a little more time here... when I can.

I have also been hard at work on another TPT unit. It is something that I have really been wanting for my students. I finally invested in a couple class sets of Henry and Mudge books. I am reminded of how much work it really takes to move your ideas to reality and how much extra work it takes to make your good ideas for the classroom actually TPT ready.

If you have your students read Henry and Mudge I recommend you give this a look. It is set up just like my Magic Tree House unit. My students have been devouring the Henry and Mudge books and just can't get these question packs done quickly enough. I had no idea how much it would motivate them.

I was so energized and motivated when I started this blog, and I am excited to tap back into that. So, let me know what you have been doing to keep your students motivated to read at home. Mike