Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jellyfish Project

We have been learning about Jellyfish with Laura's Ocean Animal Invertebrates Writing Unit. My kids did a great job with their writing, but what I want to share today is the cool jellyfish they made. There is an art project with each writing topic in her unit. This is what our jellyfish look like. (No... that is not all of them. My class is NOT that small.)

The image is a little washed out with light, but it shows how great the jellyfish look with the light coming through. They look like neon signs. Thank you to Laura at Over the 1st Grade Rainbow for the wonderful project!


  1. Love this! How did you make them?

    1. The picture doesn't even really do them justice with all that light shining into the camera lens. I got the idea from This TPT Unit on ocean animals.

  2. What a fun project for your students. They came out really awesome. :-)

    First Grade Delight

  3. Thanks, they came out even better than I expected. The kids really got into it. The art projects are great incentives for the students to finish their writing.