Friday, August 23, 2013

FREE Common Core Math video prompt (Bears and Caves)

The year is now well underway and we are going to be getting into our EnVision math Topic 1. We will be asking the kids to learn about spatial patterns and ways to make 6 and 7. This is a fun video prompt to help contextualize ways to make 6. It is a visual that will help them make sense of the "Crabs in the Cave" activity in EnVision. It is a fun conversation starter and way to get kids asking questions about math they find all around them. I hope you find it useful and your students enjoy it. I will try to keep making little video shorts to encourage math thinking as time allows. Hope your start to the school year is/was a great one!

Click here -> Bears and Caves


  1. I am loving your videos. The 1st graders do too!! We have had amazing math talks!! Thank you for taking the time to make these!

  2. I am so glad that you enjoy them. It has really helped our first grade classes have better interactive conversation about math concepts too. I'll post here when I get another done. Thanks for your feedback!