Monday, July 7, 2014

$2500 grant opportunity - I could use your help - YOU CAN APPLY TOO!!!

I am a teacher in King City that is trying to earn a $2500 grant for my classroom from Farmers Insurance. The grants are awarded based on internet voting. I am the only teacher on the 'leaderboard' on the entire central coast of California(and probably the only participant in this month's grant cycle.) Any way that you can support my efforts to bring this grant to our area would be greatly appreciated.

I want to enhance my students' learning by providing them with technology experiences.
It is too late to get in on this round of grants, but you can submit for a future cycle. But in the meantime, PLEASE give me a vote each day to make this a reality for my students. Comment that you voted for me and when your grant is up for voting I will return the favor when you share your grant proposal. Thank You!!!

The web address is: Farmer's Thank a Million Teachers
A search for 93930 zip code shows my grant for M. Jones of King City