Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Classroom Tech Makeover

Well, the year got off to a great start. I posted back in July about the Farmers Insurance Thank a Million Teacher grant opportunity. I GOT IT! It took a lot of my time to get the word out and get the support of my community, but it worked and it was well worth it. The money came in and I was able to turn it into great technology for our classroom. We got some Chromebooks so we can continue to do great things with Google Apps.
One of the other things we got for the classroom was digital voice recorders. They have been a lot of fun and have helped engage the students in practicing their verbal skills.
I have created a new classroom web site where I will share the fruits of our labor. You can see our first podcast there. We have decided to take to the internet airwaves and put out some podcasts on our very own internet radio station. I am excited to stretch the limits of what we can do with our new technology and find new ways to support our educational goals with technology.

Our new web site is sl-firstgrade.weebly.com

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