Saturday, September 13, 2014

Making Insects (FREEBIE)

Our class has been studying insects so I thought it would be fun to make one.

The students planned what their insects would be like, identified the parts of their insects, provided some details about their insect, then got to create their insect with clay.
 photo IMG_0043.jpg
 photo 32dec4ad-f38e-4e64-b918-f1ae3cd99f98.jpg  photo 5f8b6b19-bcdb-4293-ad6a-f134a6c0f6ce.jpg
 photo 3f8d333a-3f22-4b2c-811e-a7bddee8d7ce.jpg  photo 5b5f2868-8ba9-458d-a02d-7d45ea4ea9bc.jpg

If you are interested in using the printable to plan your own insect project you can download it from TPT here:
My Insect printable (FREE) at my TPT store

To see all the insect that my class made you can visit our classroom blog here:
Our class blog

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